The Deuce 

The Deuce Episode 8 "Nobody Has To Get Hurt" airs Oct 28 9pm on HBO

Amanda as Victoria

The Deuce - Season 2 

Amanda will be seen on season 2 of The Deuce playing Victoria.

Details to come.




Major Credit Card Brand 

Amanda will be seen in an upcoming major credit card company print campaign.

More detail to follow.

Desi Shakespeare Wrap 

Wrapped the feature Desi Shakespeare. In the supporting role of Cindy.

This British, American and Pakistani co-production film is directed by Mumtaz Hussain

Release dates to come.

“Striking, vivacious, passionate.”
Sabina Vajraca. Director - Apparition.

"It's rare to find an actress as talented as she is easy to work with. Amanda is one of them."
Gregor Levy. Director - Barren

"An amazing amount of subtlety and nuance. [She] managed to be touching and  extremely funny simultaneously."
Review: The Real Thing by Jim Lowe - Rutland Herald

"Tall, red-haired and striking, she is as strong an actress as she is a dancer. A really dynamic and haunting dark queen."
Review: Macbeth by Gwen Orel -